My name is Anina Troya, I am doing my master in Information Studies: Data Science at UvA.

I come from Caracas, Venezuela. I grew up in a society ruled by an oppressive regime where abuse of power was the norm. I was raised in a disassociated environment and witnessed the suffering and injustices perpetrated on defenseless citizens. I learned that it is a duty to speak up against tyranny, especially when the victim doesn’t have a voice.

When I decided to leave my country because the situation became so grim, I came to Europe, so rich in resources and opportunities. Here I have come to realize, that in a so-called free and advanced society, a different kind of oppression is taking place. And the persecution is more extreme: the oppressors are more powerful and the victims more defenseless – billions of animals that live inside factories. Meanwhile, the people with immediate access to information intentionally look the other way.

I am vegan because it is in my nature not to harm others, and I am speaking up about this problem because I have to raise awareness about the opportunity that the vegan lifestyle brings in fighting global warming, protecting the oceans, reducing world hunger and bringing to an end all animal factories. And I also have discovered that eating becomes a better treat when enjoyed without the guilt.