I am Irene, a psychology student from Italy, co-founder of VSA Amsterdam.

When I was a kid I was taught to respect who had less power than me, but for a long time I didn’t realize that eating meat and animal products I was not respecting this principle. I used to believe in justice referring to human beings only. I actually did not care about vegetarianism at all and I also remember I thought vegan people were kind of extreme.

Then one day I read a post in which someone was claiming that in our modern world, in which killing animals is not necessary anymore, not eating meat means choosing nonviolence.  I decided I had to keep my mind open and think about it.

I made researches about the possibility of staying healthy on a vegetarian diet, and since there were plenty of evidences for it I did not find any counterargument that could justify eating animals. If I can avoid that, why should I keep supporting a system telling me to kill other sentient beings for pleasure? The fact that eating animals is considered normal should not influence. 

In less than a year I was vegan for the same reason. In fact, as I found out, also dairy and eggs lead to the death of animals.

I am now happily vegan since five years. If you also believe in peace, why you don’t do the same?