My name is Katharina and I am a biology and comparative literature student. I went vegan 7 years ago, after being vegetarian for a couple of years. I already knew people who were vegan, but I always considered veganism as something extreme and unhealthy.

Around Easter, I watched a TV feature on the killing of thousands of male chicken per day, because they are worthless for the egg industry that only needs female chicken to produce eggs. I suddenly realized that while being vegetarian you might still be responsible for the suffering of animals in the end. Even though I didn’t want to harm any animals, by eating eggs I was accountable for the death of male chickens.

I started reading up on veganism and tried to gather as much information about the mass production of eggs and dairy as possible and decided that I didn’t want to support those industries anymore. I realized that intensive livestock farming causes several problems beside the suffering of the animals like deforestation and global warming. Being raised by environmental conscious parents, saving the environment was a big topic for me since I was a child.

After trying to veganize all the foods I liked before and finding a lot of new recipes that inspired me to start cooking and baking (which I didn’t really care for before), I didn’t consider veganism as something extreme or unhealthy anymore. I realized that being vegan is manageable if you educate yourself about nutrition and are open to new recipes. In the last seven years the vegan options increased and I don’t miss anything I used to eat. I love eating and I always feel joy whenever I come across new vegan foods I haven’t tried before.

Fun fact: I met Peter Singer and he signed his book Animal Liberation for me!