My name is Apolónia, but everyone knows me as Polly. I am a student of Communication science at UvA, from Slovakia and a co-founder of VSA Amsterdam. My vegan journey started in 2015.

As a kid, I was never the type who would pet an animal because I was too scared of them. I never considered myself to be an animal lover and if somebody would tell me that one day, I would be vegan, I think I would just laugh.

So how did this happen? One day, while scrolling through youtube, I found a vegan youtuber talking about the vegan lifestyle. It got me interested – why would anyone give up cheese and meat? My curiosity and non understanding led me to a documentary Cowspiracy that shows the environmental aspect of veganism. So I started my vegan(-ish) journey.

I started as a vegetarian, but after two weeks I became a vegan and since that day, I’ve never looked back. I learnt about the ethical aspect of veganism and I decided to be as active as possible to help our environment and the animals.

Even though I never had a close relationship with animals, I knew that they deserve a better life. I knew that they deserve my compassion. 

I want to spread the vegan message while being understanding that everyone has a different interest, background and a different journey. So together, we can create a more compassionate and sustainable world for all.